How To Train Around an Injury After Age 40 -Infographic

Being side-lined by injury can suck. Especially when you typically lead an active lifestyle and enjoy participating in recreational sports and activities. Even if you’re mostly sedentary, recovering from an injury can be physically and emotionally exhausting, as you try to navigate through your activities of daily living without aggravating your injury and/or causing further pain.

After the age of 40, injury risk, treatment and recovery may take on a new look. Recovery from injuries takes longer for older adults, who are beginning to go through the natural aging process which includes an accelerated loss of bone density and a decrease in muscle mass. Aging also brings with it a decrease in the elasticity of ligaments and cartilage begins to lose water and “dry out”, reducing the amount of “cushion” in our joints.

And, the older we get, the more our balance, coordination and stability begins to decline. Participating in regular exercise may help delay these inevitable physiological changes but, if you’re currently suffering from an injury, you may be wondering how to stay on track with your fitness. The infographic below will help!

For those who are sedentary and you’re reading this article because you’re injury has caused you to gain weight or significantly decreased your mobility and you want to begin an exercise program, consider enlisting the help of a medical or fitness professional to guide you into an exercise and nutrition regimen that will help you reach your goals and reduce your chance of re-injury.

Contact me if you are recently recovering from an injury, surgery or illness and would like the opportunity to receive a individually designed exercise program to help you transform your body, recover quicker and regain your strength & vitality!

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